SAA Flight Specials

SAA flight specials

Latest SAA Flight Specials

At the moment SAA is running flight specials from Johannesburg to:
Harare R3840
Kinshasa R5357
Accra R6059
Pointe Noire R8671
Brazzaville R7521
Nairobi R6668
Mumbai R6309
Lusaka R4078
London R9942
Buenos Aires R9520
Cape Town R2507
Durban R1914
Port Elizabeth R2279
East London R2044
These specials from SAA are valid on from the 21 October 2013 and SAA do not say when they will end (but it’s normally a few days up to a week).

about SAA Specials

The great thing about SAA offering flight specials, is that because they are an international airline, quite a few of their flight specials are to international destinations. This means you can often pick up some great deals to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the America’s. SAA don’t often have many domestic specials, mainly as they get undercut by the low cost airlines and can not compete with them purely on price.

Previous SAA Flight Specials

We will use this section to display previous SAA flight specials, that have since expired and are no longer applicable. This will enable you to easily gauge and see how they typically put specials together and which destinations often have specials.

Harare R3812
Kinshasa R5331
Accra R6026
Pointe Noire R8619
Lagos R5974
Brazzaville R7469
Mumbai R6287
Luanda R5161
Beijing R9166
Perth R9840
Buenos Aires R9476
Cape Town R2495
Durban R1902
Port Elizabeth R2267
East London R2032