No lift off for FlySafair

We all had high hopes for FlySafair, as the more airlines operating in South Africa, the more competition, and the better prices we, as passengers, can expect. However, as with Velvet Sky, Santaco Airlines and a few others that have tried to get going, FlySafair have had their wings clipped before they could even get off the ground.
The reason: a court has granted an interdict against FlySafair based on a challenge brought by Comair. The interdict is all about the majority ownership of the company, and whether it is based in South Africa. The airline is not allowed to operate until it has had its license reviewed by the court.

But what does this mean to the passengers who have already booked? FlySafair have already released a press statement discussing the situation and providing solutions for it’s customers. If you have booked a flight with FlySafair, then you have 2 options.
Firstly, you are entitled to a full refund of your ticket. You will need to contact FlySafair directly to arrange this.
Secondly, as part of the court decision, Comair (which of course manage British Airways South Africa and kulula) will have to provide support, which means that you can fly with them, on the date(s) you chose, and at the price you have already paid. The exact details of how this will work has not yet been released, but I would recommend you make contact with both FlySafair and Comair as soon as possible to try and get this resolved.

Hopefully this situation can be resolved sooner rather than later, as it would be fantastic to see another airline in the skies.

Here is the latest email from FlySafair explaining the situation and providing contact details:

Dear Passengers,

Thank you once again for your continued patience during this temporary setback. Your messages of support have been greatly appreciated and we value the time you have taken to communicate with us in such a positive manner.

As part of our commitment to communicating with you openly and honestly, allow me to update you on what is happening at the moment.

As per the court interdict granted on Tuesday, FlySafair will be refunding all tickets purchased. In fact, we have already completed and credited all credit card transactions through our payment gateway. We are also in conversation with all the major banks to ensure that these payments reflect timeously in our passengers’ accounts.

We are steadily making our way through the EFT refunds for the remaining passengers. Some of those payments are still outstanding as we’re waiting for confirmation from a few passengers regarding their banking details. If you are waiting for an EFT refund, please ensure that you have shared your details with us either via our Central Reservations on 087 135 1351 or email

As per the court order, the process from here is that Comair must accommodate FlySafair’s passengers, honouring the ticket prices and dates of travel as agreed to with FlySafair. Passengers are requested to contact Comair’s call centre on on 010 492 2230 or email and they will assist.

We trust this letter provides further clarity on the situation FlySafair is currently faced with. We appreciate your support and look forward to taking to the South African skies in the near future.

Should you have any questions not relating to rebooking or refund procedures, you are, as always, welcome to contact me at


Dave Andrew
CEO – FlySafair