Nelspruit to Kimberley Flights

Cheap flights Nelspruit to Kimberley

Which airlines fly from Nelspruit to Kimberley

This is definitely not one of the popular flight routes for airlines, and as such not a sinlge airline offers this direct flight. Instead of yo want to fly from Nelspruit to Kimberley, you are going to have to fly indirectly via Johannesburg, on South African Airways (

Typical prices for flights from Nelspruit to Kimberley

Regardless of when you fly to Kimberley from Nelspruit, you are going to be paying “top dollar”. A typical return flight will set you back between R5000 – R6000 per person. This is ridiculously high, and might be enough to make most people rethink the flight.

How to get cheap flights from Nelspruit to Kimberley

The only way to conceivably find a cheap flight to Kimberley from Nelspruit is to find a cheap flight to Johannesburg from Nelspruit first. Then once you have booked this, book the second leg of your trip from Johannesburg to Kimberley. Although this does make it quite complicated, as you need to get your timing right so you don’t miss your connecting flights, it is the only way to try and get a cheaper flight.