Durban to Richards Bay Flights

Cheap flights Durban to Richards Bay

Which airlines fly from Durban to Richards Bay

The Durban to Richards Bay route is not extremely popular, as it is mainly used for business travelers (leisure travelers mainly choose to drive the 1.5 hrs). This means that not many airlines fly to Richards Bay from Durban. In fact the only airlines that actually fly the route are SAA (South African Airways) and British Airways, and even these airlines do not fly to Richards Bay directly. They both fly via Johannesburg (OR Tambo airport).

Typical prices for flights from Durban to Richards Bay

Due to the fact that no low cost airlines fly from Durban to Richards Bay, and even the full service airlines (SAA and BA) only fly to Richards Bay indirectly via Johannesburg, prices are quite expensive. For a typical flight you’d be looking at between R4900 – R5200 return per person. This is very expensive, and explains why the majority of leisure passengers, choose to rather drive (it’s about a 1 hr drive).

How to get cheap flights from Durban to Richards Bay

Unfortunately we have never come across a cheap flight from Durban to Richards Bay. The likelihood of finding one is very very slim, and the best bet would really be to drive, or if it is for business, to simply “grin and bear it”.