Cheap Flights to Richards Bay

Cheap flights to Richards Bay

Which airlines fly to Richards Bay

Richards Bay used to be an absolutely tiny airport and even though it has grown substantially over the last few years, it is still very small in comparison to the major 3 airports in South Africa. Only 2 airlines currently fly to Richards Bay, and these are SAA and British Airways. At the moment none of the low cost airlines fly to Richards Bay, as the demand is just not there to justify them flying the route.

Typical prices for flights to Richards Bay

Owing to the fact that none of the low cost airlines fly to Richards Bay, and the route is only serviced by the full service airlines (SAA and BA), means that the prices are always going to be quite high. To fly from Cape Town, the price is typically over R5500 return, and from Johannesburg is it over R3000 return. If you wanted to fly from George to Richards Bay, you’d be looking at over R7000 return, as the flight would need to go via Johannesburg first. Hopefully you’ll bee flying here for work (which means work can pay), otherwise it might make sense to rather fly to Durban, and drive from there.

How to get cheap flights to Richards Bay

Unfortunately you are going to really struggle to find cheap flights to Richards Bay. Due to the lack of competition from various airlines, and the low number of flights to Richards Bay, prices are likely to remain high. In addition, we have never come across any specials to Richards Bay, so you are out of luck with that.

about Richards Bay
Richards Bay has one of the largest harbours in the country, that was started way back in 1879. Richards Bay is very well known as one of the largest coal export facilities in the world. Apart from Durban, Richards Bay also sees a substantial volume of visits from the Joburgers seeking sun and surf.