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Comparing and booking flights online is very common practice overseas, especially the US and the UK. We want to make that a reality here as well in South Africa. We hope to do that by making searching, comparing and booking your domestic flight as painless and easy as possible.

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Our job here at is to help you to find cheap flights. This article provides some additional information to help you know when to look, when to book, and how to find, cheap flights in South Africa.

The easiest way to find a cheap flight is of course when one of the airlines are having a special. For cheap domestic flights, the best place to find these are when kulula or Mango have a flight special. Mango seem to have a special almost on a weekly basis, but kulula seem to have them far less frequently. Although these specials are fantastic when you can get them, the problem is that as they are so popular and so we’ll promoted by the airlines, the demand for them is massive, and they typically sell out within a few hours. Even if you can find the special, it will most likely only be available on a date or time that is not very suitable. Keep in mind, that the airlines only make a certain number of seats per flight available on the special. SAA also run specials fairly often, but these are typically international flight specials, to the States, or Europe.

If you are looking for a cheap flight when there is not a flight special, then it pays to know when to look. Although sometimes your schedule is quite restrictive, if you can be flexible you can save.
Flights leaving on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon/evening are typically more expensive as there is a greater demand for them. These flights are typically more popular with business travelers who might not be as piece sensitive, and people going away for a weekend would also normally be flying at those times.

Historically the cheapest day to fly would be a Wednesday, as being mid-week it is not as popular. Flight prices operate just like other products, with supply and demand having a direct affect. This is why you are sometimes able to gets cheap flight ticket when booking last minute, as the airlines needs to fill the seats before the flight goes out. In addition to booking in a Wednesday, booking mid-day flights also can net you a saving. The same holds true for booking at less popular times, such as the very first flight of the day, or the very last. Of course a good general rul of thumb, is to try and avoid long weekends, as there will always be high demand and as such no real incentive for the airline to offer discounted cheap tickets.

Generally speaking cheap flights can be found when booking either very early (so a few months in advance) or very last minute (so a few hours before the flight).

Finally a good trick is that is it often cheaper to book 2 one way flights, in stead of one return. This used to be quite difficult to do, as you would need to get your timing right and book on separate websites, making 2 separate payments. However, our booking tool will let you easily mix and match airlines, so that you can do one search, see all the flights available (even if they are on different airlines) and book and pay once.