Latest News on Fastjet and SAA this week 21 October 2013

By: News / October 21, 2013 / Comment

Here is the latest travel and flight news to keep you “in the loop”. A new airline has launched I know you have all become a little jaded with the announcement of new airlines launching in South Africa. Who can blame you with the likes of nationwide, velvet sky and 1time all going under, and [...]

No lift off for FlySafair

By: News / October 9, 2013 / Comment

We all had high hopes for FlySafair, as the more airlines operating in South Africa, the more competition, and the better prices we, as passengers, can expect. However, as with Velvet Sky, Santaco Airlines and a few others that have tried to get going, FlySafair have had their wings clipped before they could even get [...]

Latest Mango Airlines News in October

By: News / October 7, 2013 / Comment

Mango airlines have been quite a busy little airline as of late – could the launch of a new airline have anything to do with it? Just these last few weeks Mango have announced they will be flying to Zanzibar, a special running for G Connect inflight wifi, and their 7th birthday celebration competition. Mango [...]

FlySafair launch details

By: News / September 6, 2013 / 4 Comments

FlySafair (the newest low cost airline in South Africa) has officially launched. You are now able to go to their website and purchase tickets (website here). FlySafair is a subsidiary of Safair Aviation Ireland Limited. This freight aviation company has been involved in some fantastic aviation adventures that have taken them from Antarctica to Singapore. [...]