SAA Airlines


SAA is South Africa’s largest domestic and international airline company. In 1934 an airline named Union Airways was bought by the South African Government and renamed South African Airways. SAA dropped the springbok emblem in 1997, and introduced the new one, which was based on the new SA flag with a sun. SAA also own the low-cost Mango Airlines.
SAA ( is of course also a member of Star Alliance, which is the largest airline network in the world. This allows them to arrange flights almost anywhere (700 worldwide destinations last time we looked) and also is useful for when flights are overbooked. The most popular domestic route is the Johannesburg to Cape Town flight, which they do 20 times per day.
Unlike the low cost airlines, you do not purchase your meals on board, but rather these are provided to you (as part of the price of your ticket), and are typically more substantial meals. One of the main benefits of flying with SAA is if you are a Voyager member. As they are part of the Star Alliance group, you get additional benefits on all flights, as well as on hotel stays etc. If you fly frequently then this is definitely a great way to earn additional benefits, especially if you fly internationally.

SAA Baggage
On a domestic flight you are permitted 1 checkin bag with a maximum weight of 23kg. This changes depending on whether you are flying business class (it goes up to 30kg), and when you are flying internationally you also get more. 1 piece of hand luggage is allowed and this can not weigh more than 8kg.

SAA Flights

SAA fly to all domestic airports such as OR Tambo (Joburg), Cape Town International Airport, Durban, George, Port Elizabeth and Richards Bay.
Domestic flights on SAA make up only a small percentage of the total number of flights that SAA Airlines actually do. The main bulk is made up of international flights
SAA International Flights
SAA are a massive international airline and fly to hundreds of international destinations. Just a small sample would include London, LA, New York, Canada, Asia, African Countries etc. Although they do have flights from Cape Town, most SAA international flights are from Johannesburg International Airport.

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SAA ( have chosen a rather unique domain name, and it often is spelt incorrectly. Some different ways people spell it are: flysaa com,flysaa za, flysaa co za,www flysaa co,www flysaa co za,,flysaa com,fly saa co za,flysaa co za,,, south african airways