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Mango airlines ( was one of the last low cost airlines to launch, following kulula and 1time airlines. Mango airlines is a subsidiary of South African Airways, and the general perception is that SAA is keeping FlyMango afloat using their own funds, so that Mango is not genuinely profitable and able to sustain the low prices it offers. From a consumer’s point of view it shouldn’t really matter, as long as you get the best deal. However the argument can be made that by artificially keeping prices low, other low cost airlines can not survive, thus eliminating competition, which will slowly lead to increased prices.
Update: mango airlines launches their “new look” website on the 16 October 2013.

Mango Airlines Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is permitted to carry up to 20kg of check-in luggage. If your luggage weight is over, then you will be charged an additional amount for it, however if your baggage weighs more than 32kg, you will not be permitted to check it in. Hand luggage should not weigh more than 7kg, and you are also allowed to carry (along with your hand luggage), a handbag.

G connect on Mango flights
Mango launched with G Connect on it’s airplanes in early 2013. Basically this allows you to get online and access the internet while you are flying. You can search the web, check your Facebook page, tweet about your flight, reply to emails, or just send messages using chat tools like Whatsapp. They offer various packages, including 1 way, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month (which all really depends on how often you fly and how often you will be using it). We have only tried to use it once before, and although it was affordable, we found it quite slow and unresponsive.

Mango plus and Mango Flex tickets
Apart from the standard tickets you can purchase, you can choose to “upgrade” to Mango plus or Mango flex. These tickets are mainly used for business people who travel frequently, and often need to book or change flights at the last minute. Mango plus lets you change the ticket date as often as you like, and the only additional fee you pay is the different in the price of the ticket. You also get extra check-in baggage allowance, as well as get R50 credit to spend on food on the flight. Mango flex, is the same as Mango plus, but excludes the meal credit and extra baggage allowance.

Mango payment options
Mango provides a number of different ways for you to pay. These include paying with your credit card (please ensure that you have a copy of the credit card used to pay for the flight, if the passenger is not the same as the credit card owner), internet banking transfer, Edgars account payments, and the ability to book and pay at Checkers/Shoprite.

Mango food/meal options
Planning on grabbing a snack on the flight. Remember that you can only pay with cash, and try to need as little change as possible, as this is often a problem. Typically meal options include sandwiches, muffins, crisps, chocolates, peanuts, jelly sweets, and biltong. For drinks you can choose from a variety of beers, ciders and wines, as well as non-alcoholic options like water, fruit juices and cooldrinks.

Mango Airlines South Africa Flight Routes

Johannesburg (OR Tambo Airport and Lanseria) to Cape Town (both ways)
Johannesburg to Durban (both ways)
Cape Town to Durban (both ways)
Bloemfontein to Cape Town (both ways)
Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth (both ways)
Cape Town to Port Elizabeth (both ways)
Cape Town to George (both ways)
Johannesburg to George (both ways)
Johannesburg to Zanzibar (both ways)

Mango Flight Specials do happen quite frequently, and are generally called Mango Happy Hour or Mango Happy Days. See the latest Mango flight specials

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