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kulula Airlines (www.kulula.com)

kulula was the first low-cost airline to enter the South African market (way back in 2001). It could be said that kulula pioneered the low-cost airline industry in the country and they are quite well known in the market as a fun airline. As it is becoming increasingly more difficult for the low-cost airlines to differentiate themselves based purely on price, perhaps this is what kulula is hoping will set it apart.

kulula payment options
kulula offer a variety of payment options. These include paying via credit card, internet transfer, paying at the airport (well in advance of course), using your travelbank (discussed further down on this page), eBucks, and using Discovery Miles. In addition, you also get some fantastic discounts when you use your Discovery Vitality membership, with discounts going up to 30%.

What else can you book on kulula?
Although kulula are of course mainly known for their cheap flights, they offer much more than just this. You are able to book car rental, get travel insurance, book accommodation, and recently book holiday packages (mainly domestic), all through their website.

Additional info for your kulula flight
You are able to have both check in (20kg) luggage and hand luggage. If you would like to have additional check-in luggage you can book and pay for this when you book your flight and it will be cheaper than paying once you are at the airport itself. Just remember that if you do book and pay for it, you can not get a refund if it turns out you don’t need it.
Recently kulula also started permitting you to pre-order a seat of your choice (if you are that way inclined). You can do this while making your actual booking and an additional fee of R35 will be added to your ticket price.

kulula flight routes

Johannesburg to Cape Town (Everyday, from about 6am until 21h30)
Johannesburg – Durban (Everyday, from about 6am until 19h30)
Johannesburg – George (Everyday, from about 8am until 14h30)
Johannesburg – Port Elizabeth (Everyday, from about 6am until 18h30)
Johannesburg – Harare
Johannesburg – Windhoek

Cape Town – Johannesburg (Everyday, from about 6am until 21h30)
Cape Town – Durban (Everyday, from about 13h00 until 14h30)
Cape Town – Port Elizabeth (Everyday, except Saturday at 10h20)

Durban – Johannesburg (Everyday, from about 6am until 21h30)
Durban – Cape Town (Everyday, from about 11am until 14h00)
Durban – Port Elizabeth (Everyday, except Saturday at 14h00)

Port Elizabeth – Johannesburg (Everyday, from about 6am until 18h30)
Port Elizabeth – Cape Town (Everyday, except Saturday at 15h45)
Port Elizabeth – Durban (Everyday, except Saturday at 12h10)

George – Johannesburg (Everyday, from about 9am until 17h00)

Harare – Johannesburg

Windhoek – Johannesburg flights

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