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Taking flight 17 October 2013, FlySafair is the newest low-cost passenger airline in South Africa. Initially, Flysafair operated six daily flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg, growing to ten during November 2013. FlySafair have positioned themselves within the market as “South Africa’s oldest newest airline” as they been around for more than four decades and are at their core, passionate about flying. They would like to offer passengers a nostalgic flight experience of good ol’ fashioned premium service whilst their pricing strategy will be to offer South Africa cheap flights.

FlySafair is the domestic scheduled operation of Safair, a trusted and respected name in the airline industry. It was formed as a result of being granted approval by South Africa’s Air Service Licensing Council (ASLC). However, the approval of Safair’s air licence is being contended by Comair and Skywise. On 17 September 2013 they applied for an interim interdict preventing Safair from commencing to operate its scheduled air service, pending a review of the decision by the ASLC to grant Safair a scheduled license. FlySafair’s response to the allegations is that “the airline operating licence has been in place since 2009 under exactly the same requirements and has never been challenged. The Air Licensing Act is concerned with effective control of the license being in the hands of South African residents and citizens and our shareholding has always and continues to enforce this strictly”.
The application is to be heard by the Pretoria High Court on 01 October 2013.

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FlySafair is a subsidiary of Safair. Safair Aviation Ireland Limited is an airfreight specialist who has been involved in some historic adventures during its incorporation. From transporting medical supplies and food relief into inaccessible territories for the United Nations and the World Food Program (WFP) to transport aid to Angola, adventurers to Antarctica, parachutists to Phalaborwa, rhinos to remote bushveld runways and sharks to Singapore (the Hammerhead variety). So why now embark on the journey to enter the South African passenger airline industry? They say that it’s because they’re passionate about flying and feel that there is a gap in the cheap flights sector in South Africa. Namely, offering good ol’ fashioned airline service in a low-cost airline industry.

FlySafair Launch Details

FlySafair launched tickets sales in September. However, their first flight was on Thursday, 17 October 2013.

Booking FlySafair Flights

FlySafair only accept Credit Cards for payment online. FlySafair recommend that the best way to book FlySafair flights are to do so directly on their website. However, we anticipate that, should they still be around, we will be offering them on our flight comparison tool in the near future.
You can also make a telephonic booking by contacting FlySafair on 087 135 1351.

FlySafair Flight Specials

FlySafair have not done a special launch price. Which would have been great to have some cheap Joburg to Cape Town flights! They have stated that whilst they will aim to be priced competitively, they need to be priced sustainably.

FlySafair Routes & Flight Times

FlySafair launched with six daily flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town growing to ten during November. FlySafair have stated that they will be looking to extend their services to other routes in the future.
FlySafair’s flight schedule is currently as follows:

Flysafair Flight Schedules


Baggage Allowances

Adults and children are allowed to check in one free bag not weighing more than 20kg (dimensions 90 x 75 x 43cm). Hand baggage can be a maximum of 7kg (dimensions 56 x 36 x 23cm). No bags can weigh more than 32kg. Bags weighing more than 20kg will attract a heavy bag charge of R450 at the airport. This will be payable immediately at their ticketing desk at the airport. You can, however select their additional bag option when booking your FlySafair flight online. We suggest that to avoid frustration on check-in and to save a bit of money this is a great idea! (Costs: R250 per flight).

Manage FlySafair Booking and Online Check-in

FlySafair have a Manage Booking section on their site where you can amend your FlySafair booking. However, amendments cost R200 per flight per passenger. FlySafair offer online check-in. You can check-in online up to 24 hours prior to departure. However check-in closes 2 hours prior to flight departure. If you’ve checked in online make sure to drop your bags off at the FlySafair bag drop-off zone at least 40 minutes prior to departure.

Contact FlySafair

Contact FlySafair: 087-135-135-1 (07h00 – 19h00, 7 days a week).
FlySafair Website:

Additional Services and Charges

If you would like to receive a confirmation SMS from FlySafair with your booking reference, this will cost you R2.50. We don’t believe that this is necessary as your ID should suffice on check-in. However, your booking reference may be required to manage your booking so make a note of it.

If you would like to take a bicycle aboard (possibly for those Argus entrants), this will cost you R280.

FlySafair allow you to select your seat on booking your FlySafair flight. That means, where you would normally only have the option to do so on check-in, you can do this whilst booking your flight. However, it will cost you. The “good seats”, i.e. emergency exit seats go for R100 each (per passenger, per flight), while other seats cost R35. This may seem fantastic at first, however it could cost you anywhere from R70 to R200 on a return flight (per person).

Other FlySafair charges can be seen below:
FlySafair Charges


FlySafair have a fleet of Boeing 737-400’s to service their routes with. FlySafair have stated that they will perform their own line maintenance.

Meal Options and Class Configurations

FlySafair do not offer business class fares.
FlySafair have stated that they are currentlly in discussions with their preferred on-board catering supplier and have not yet announced an official partner.

Special Assitance or Needs

If you require special assistance, there is an option whilst making an online booking with FlySafair. Alternatively, you can download this form and fax to 011 928 0277 or email to