British Airways South Africa

British Airways South Africa
British Airways ( is the national carrier of Britain, and was first started in 1974. The airline, for many years, only had Boeing planes, but has started to include Airbus in its fleet as well. At the moment the only direct international flights that British Airways do, originate from Gatwick and Heathrow. 2008 was the first year that was not the airline that carried the most passengers (that award went to Ryan Air).

In South Africa, British airways is operated by Comair, which also operate the low cost airline, kulula. Although most people fly with them when flying internationally, they also offer domestic flights, typically on the same routes you’ll find SAA.

Being a full service airline, like SAA, you get a full meal included on your flight, as well as have additional weight you can have with your check in luggage. If you choose to fly business class, you’ll get even more luggage allowance, and of course a ‘better’ seat.The airplanes are also typically larger, meaning you get much more leg room. Like most other airlines, British airways South Africa, also offer additional and optional extras, such as car rental, hotel stays, travel insurance, etc

British Airways Flight Specials

Johannesburg or Cape Town to New York from only R9978 return
On sale from 21 October 2013 to 11 November 2013 for outbound travel between 21 October 2013 to 31 January 2014, to return anytime within the next 12 months – but make sure you book & pay by midnight 11 November 2013 or within three days of booking, whichever is earlier.

* Fare Conditions
• Fares include taxes, fees and carrier charges and prices are subject to availability. Prices correct as of 21 October 2013 but may fluctuate due to currency exchange rates.
• Offer valid from Johannesburg or Cape Town to NEW YORK and select cities in the USA.
• Booking Class/Fare Basis: World Traveller: O class / ONNAFR
World Traveller Plus: T class / TNNAFR
Club World: I class / INNAFR
First: A class / ANNAFR
• Selling period: 21 October to 11 November 2013.
• Outbound travel period: 21 October 2013 to 31 January 2014 (to return anytime within the next 12 months).
• Ticketing must be completed within 3 days after reservations are made or by 11 November 2013 whichever is earlier.
• All travel is subject to availability and will be limited over certain dates.
• Domestic add-ons within South Africa also available.