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1time airlines

1time Airlines update

1time airlines no longer operates and flies within South Africa. If you are looking for a low cost airline, the best options would be Mango airlines or kulula. Alternatively you can find out how to book cheap flights here, or compare flights here

Information about 1time airlines
1time co za airlines was launched on the 22 January 2004 with three flights per day on the Johannesburg to Cape Town flights route. Since then they have continued to grow. So much so that they are actually planning on floating on the JSE. They currently carry up to 100,000 passengers per month. 1Time was actually the first ‘true’ low cost airline set up from scratch, as it is not a part of a larger airline/company like Kulula and Mango airlines are.
They also apparently have the best leg room in economy in the SA market.

1Time Flights South Africa (1time co za)
1Time airlines has air flights from all the major airports such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, George and Port Elizabeth. Their flights are comfortable and well managed, which has enabled them to continue to grow and grow in spite of the airline industry experiencing shrinking numbers.
Unlike the other low cost airlines 1time also fly internationally. 1Time (1time co za) fly to Zanzibar and Livingstone

1Time route:

Johannesburg to Cape Town
Johannesburg to Durban
Johannesburg to East London
Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth
Johannesburg to George
Cape Town to Johannesburg
Cape Town to East London
Cape Town to Durban
Cape Town to Port Elizabeth