Accommodation has partnered with to help you book your hotel accommodation in South Africa. We can also help you book self-catering accommodation in South Africa, with our great search tool. There are a number of different options for accommodation in South Africa. From absolute budget lodgings such as backpackers and camping to first-class 5 star luxury at an exceptional standard and international pricing. At we aim to give you all the tools to search for, compare and book the best accommodation option for your needs and budget.

Self catering accommodation in South Africa

We compare a number of self-catering options in South Africa to cater to your accommodation needs. Use our self-catering accommodation search tool to search for your accommodation wherever you may be heading. If you are going on a road trip, our easy search function allows you to search for accommodation along your route. Whether you are looking for accommodation in Cape Town or accommodation in Johannesburg, or perhaps accommodation along the way from Joburg to Cape Town, we are here to help!

Accommodation in South Africa

Hotel accommodation in South Africa

If you are looking for hotel accommodation, whether it is 2 star budget or 5 star luxury, we can help you search for, compare and book the hotel to suit your needs. We have partnered with to help you wake up happy. With our simple hotel search tool you can search for hotels throughout South Africa by simply filling in the first few letters of the destination of your choosing. For example, if you are looking for hotels in Durban or more specifically, hotels in Umhlanga Rocks, you can simply start typing ‘Umhl…’ and the tool will give you some search suggestions to choose from. Simply select ‘Umhlanga Rocks, ZA’ and click Search. You can further refine your search by specifying the star rating you would prefer and/or your budget.

Accommodation in South Africa