About Us


The history of travelsupermarket.co.za

travelsupermarket.co.za has been around since 2007. Initially set up to help South African’s search for, compare and book the cheapest domestic & international flights, travelsupermarket.co.za has expanded rapidly.
We compare all airlines, from the low cost airlines such as kulula and Mango to the full service airlines like SAA, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates.

The last decade has been a tremendous time for the flight industry in South Africa.
kulula.com launched the low-cost flight industry in South Africa with its first flight in 2001. With it came a whole new way to book flights. Gone were the days of phoning airlines, picking up tickets at the airport and relying on travel agents to fly across the country. The online flight booking era was upon us.

travelsupermarket.co.za was set up to help people who wanted to get the cheapest domestic flight without the fuss. We have since broadened our repertoire to include international flights and other travel requirements, such as accommodation (guesthouses, B&B’s and hotels), car hire and transfers and holiday packages.

We believe that everyone can be their own travel agent. By utilising our bookings engine to compare all the airlines before you book, and then booking your flights online.
We want to help you find the Cheapest Flights!

What is travelsupermarket.co.za about?

We’re about saving you on unnecessary fuss and money when making your travel arrangements. We believe that with the boom of online retail, we now live in a world of commercial transparency. We want to help people stay informed so that they can get more “bang for their buck”.

If you are having any difficulties booking a flight online, whether our tool may not be working the way it should, or if you just need a little assistance making that booking, feel free to contact us here.

We now offer you the ability to search for accommodation, car rental and holiday packages. If you are looking for a custom package or some advice on booking your holiday, please don’t hesitate to contact us.